Past Workshops

Working closely with our partner schools, we have successfully run workshops and camps for more than 800 students! 


Junior scientist programme icon. Our Junior Scientist Programme introduces children to science at an early age, nurturing their innate curiosity.


Partnering with our EtonHouse and E-Bridge pre-schools, our Junior Scientist Programme introduces children to science at an early age, nurturing their innate curiosity.

Young Entrepreneur Programme icon. Teaching children to explore the world of business.


Together with our E-Bridge students, we explored the world of business!

The children made plans for their own ice cream stand, and pitched their business ideas to their class.

The Writers' Studio Workshop icon


At our EtonHouse Pre-schools, we used carefully curated children’s books as a medium to inquire into what makes writing effective.

Children are invited to notice writing style and technique, and given a chance to hone their writing skills through creative writing exercises.

I must share that this Young Entrepreneur Programme provided a fantastic platform for Nigel’s learning experience. He was very excited during the 3 days, and after each lesson, he would come home and share in great detail what he learnt — even asking how much he should price his ice cream so that he could make a profit! I am impressed with the programme as it set him thinking about how to be entrepreneurial.

This gave us a good opportunity to go into a deeper discussion and explore questions that got him thinking about how to market, attract, price and promote. We totally enjoyed seeing how he had enjoyed himself at the programme.

Please continue to roll out such programmes to spur our little ones on in their creativity and bring out their potential in entrepreneurship. This is the future!

Young Entrepreneur Programme

Mrs Tan, Mum of Nigel - K1

That programme helped my child to improve her confidence in writing and creativity. I was surprised with the booklet made after the whole programme and can’t wait to see how it looks like.

The Writers' Studio

Mrs Hu, Mum of Zixuan - K2

What great news!  My son is known to be a very shy boy, so hearing that he presented in front of an audience is a big improvement. We are so glad with this progress. 

Thank you for conducting this programme. We are immensely happy with the result. 

We do hope that our younger kids will get to experience this programme next. Seeing how much Eden enjoyed and talked about it, I am pretty sure his younger siblings would love it too. 

Young Entrepreneur Programme

Ms Shasha, Mum of Eden - K2

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