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Young Readers Programme

Is your child struggling to sound out words?
Does he or she need 
additional guidance to strengthen his or her literacy foundation? 

Through our 12-week Young Readers Programme, our dedicated teachers will use a systematic and engaging approach to help your child grasp the basics of reading.  With interactive manipulatives, activities and phonics readers, our teachers will carefully guide your child to master his or her phonics and build up confidence in reading!  

In the programme, your child will learn to:

  • blend, decode and sound out consonant-vowel-consonant families and consonant blends
  • gain an introduction to basic sight words (high frequency words)
  • read phrases and sentences

*Classes are suitable for children 5-7 years old

Max 10 students per class

$70 per lesson x 12 weeks
= $840 / term 
(subject to GST)


Canberra Plaza Thursdays, 5pm to 645pm 9 Sept to 25 Nov*
Great World Thursdays, 5pm to 645pm 9 Sept to 25 Nov*


*Classes that fall on a Public Holiday will be rescheduled.