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Science Tuition Classes for Primary  3 – Primary 6

Our Science tuition lessons are targeted at students from Primary 3 to 6 and are designed to be in alignment with the MOE primary school syllabus and science framework. Children will master key concepts and effective strategies to form clear and succinct explanations for open-ended questions. 

Our upper primary Science lessons are geared towards PSLE excellence and mastery. 

Learn how we equip your child with the knowledge and skills to excel in Science.

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Peek Into Our Science Class

Take a sneak peek at our P4 Science lessons where our children explore scientific phenomena through interesting science experiments. This allowed them to develop a deeper appreciation of the scientific concepts. 

What Goes On In Our Science Programmes?

Children are naturally curious and are born with a deep, innate desire to understand their world. So what better way to teach them about the world around them than through Science, a fascinating subject with endless possibilities? Our Science tuition programmes aim to make learning Science fun, inspiring and empowering your child to become the next generation of curious thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Lessons are structured around weekly scientific investigations to draw on your child’s desire to explore scientific phenomena and everyday experiences. Exploratory projects transform your child into a young researcher who analyses and synthesises information to present coherent findings

  • Our lessons are anchored in science literacy: your child is encouraged to think like a scientist, pose questions and derive conclusions just like a scientist would

  • Regular science experiments allow your child to see science in action and develop a deeper appreciation of scientific concepts

  • Hone answering techniques through carefully crafted questions in weekly practices, your child will not only develop critical thinking skills, but will also master effective strategies to form clear and succinct explanations for open-ended questions

  • To ensure content mastery, topics are frequently reviewed to assess your child’s learning and understanding. Your child will also receive personalised feedback in his or her weekly practices so as to identify areas of improvement

Explore Our Science Programmes

Immerse your child and let them embark on a scientific adventure with our Science tuition programmes! Your child can unleash their scientific potential and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through our fun and exciting hands-on experiments. Our Science programmes also offer different activities, experiments, question-and-answer sheets, assessments, investigations, and many more, to hone your child’s Science skills.

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Our Primary Science programmes develop children’s interest in scientific knowledge through fun and exciting hands-on experiments. We structure our lessons to help children achieve content mastery and are geared towards achieving PSLE excellence.

Hear From Our Parents

I am thankful to The Eton Academy for giving a positive learning environment for Archa and I can see a very big improvement in her Maths subject. Before joining The Eton Academy, her Maths results were poor. I discussed my concerns with The Eton Academy and they helped Archa to achieve great results in her recent weighted assessments.

Thank you for making her disliked subject to her most liked one.

Ms Deepthi, Parent of Archa (P3)

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