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Mathematics Tuition Classes for Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6

Mathematics is a cumulative subject, with each concept building upon previous knowledge. At The Eton Academy, our Maths tuition programmes equip your child with the right foundation in numeracy and problem-solving heuristics to master complex Mathematical concepts covered in the MOE syllabus.

Our lessons are designed to unleash your child’s full potential, ensuring they can tackle challenging Maths problems with the utmost confidence, thus allowing them to excel in school and beyond.

Learn how we help equip your child with the knowledge and skills to excel in Maths.

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Our Maths programme focuses on helping your child develop problem-solving competencies that are required to tackle complicated mathematical problem sums. By teaching them the right problem-solving techniques and the use of heuristics such as model drawing, your child will learn how to tackle word problems systematically. 

Why Maths Tuition Is Beneficial For Your Child

Mastering mathematical skills is crucial for success in various fields, and maths education is given significant emphasis in Singapore from primary to tertiary levels. As the demand for excellence in maths continues to grow, many parents are turning to maths tuition as a powerful tool to help their children reach their full potential. If your child is struggling with maths, let us share how our maths tuition can help them cope with the subject.

Addressing Weaker Topics: Maths is a cumulative subject, where each topic builds upon the next. A solid foundation is essential for excelling in maths. At The Eton Academy by EtonHouse, our teachers conduct regular assessments during maths tuition classes to identify your child’s competencies and areas of weakness. With this knowledge, our teachers can provide additional practice and tailored teaching methods to help your child fill in knowledge gaps and strengthen their weaker topics.

Clarifying Doubts: Our maths tuition classes feature smaller class sizes, creating a conducive learning environment that encourages active participation. This allows your child to comfortably seek clarification and engage in interactive discussions. This, in turn, fosters a deeper understanding and clarity of complex maths concepts. 

Smooth Transition To The Next Grade Level: As your child progresses in their educational journey, they will tackle more complex mathematical concepts. Our maths tuition helps establish a strong foundation and familiarise them with advanced topics in advance. This ensures a smoother transition to the next grade level, boosting their confidence and preparedness for new learning materials.

Improved Grades: Struggling academically can have a negative impact on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. However, maths tuition can play a crucial role in reversing this trend. Our dedicated teachers utilise a range of effective teaching methods to enhance understanding and foster a supportive learning environment that encourages learning from mistakes. As they witness their academic progress and grades improvement, their confidence will soar and positively impact other aspects of their life.

Enrolling your child in maths tuition can provide the necessary support and guidance to help them excel in maths. At The Eton Academy by EtonHouse, we are committed to nurturing your child’s mathematical abilities, building their confidence, and helping them reach their full potential.

What Goes On In Our Mathematics Programmes?

Practice makes perfect, and this holds for Maths. Whether your child is struggling with the core concepts or aiming for excellence, attending our Maths tuition classes can help your child excel. Our Mathematics programme caters to children from Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6, unleashing their mathematical prowess and unlocking a world of possibilities.

  • Lessons are structured around weekly investigative problems to help students draw connections to real-life experiences
    e.g. how much water do we consume in a day? How can we represent it in different measurement units?

  • Students learn how to apply heuristics to solve a variety of math problem sums

  • Lessons use manipulatives, hands-on activities and class projects to give students a fun learning experience

  • Interactive activities and quizzes are used to engage students and check for understanding

  • Weekly stretch activities are included to help students deepen their understanding of each mathematical concept

  • Reviews of the prior week’s content are conducted at the start of each lesson to assess students’ readiness and consolidate students’ learning

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Our Maths tuition classes for K1 and K2 are structured around weekly investigative problems to help your child draw authentic connections to real-world situations and develop a greater appreciation for the subject. We aim to provide your child with a fun learning experience using manipulatives, interactive activities, and mini-projects.

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It is crucial that your child has the right foundation to primary school education. Our lower primary programmes are designed to ensure your child is able to tackle problem sums and master the skills included in the MOE syllabus, and engaged in hands-on learning through use of manipulatives and interactive activities. At Primary 5 and 6, our tuition lessons are geared towards PSLE excellence and mastery.

Hear From Our Parents

I am thankful to The Eton Academy for giving a positive learning environment for Archa and I can see a very big improvement in her Maths subject. Before joining The Eton Academy, her Maths results were poor. I discussed my concerns with The Eton Academy and they helped Archa to achieve great results in her recent weighted assessments.

Thank you for making her disliked subject to her most liked one.

Ms Deepthi, Parent of Archa (P3)

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