Nursery 1

Thematic classes for Nursery 1

At Nursery 1, your child is starting to make sense of the world around him or her, approaching with an inquisitive mind . At The Eton Academy, we believe in nurturing each child’s curiosity about learning through our classes.

Using investigative learning, interactive activities and discussions, our teachers will help your toddler to make authentic connections to the real world, as well as enable your preschooler to build confidence in asking questions and expressing his or her own thoughts and feelings.

Class Fees: $54* per 1h session (charged per term)
Class Duration:
1 hour 
Class Size: Maximum 5 students
*GST included

Four nursery 2 kids reading a picture book together
Three children, in a classroom environment, holding up the letters ABC

Nursery 1


    Classes are multi-disciplinary, incorporating English, Math and skill-based learning into our thematic lessons.


    We incorporate interactive activities, songs and rhymes into our lessons which encourage phonetic awareness to help your child read and blend words easily, building a strong foundation and an interest in reading.


    Our lessons include exploratory themes and class discussions to encourage your toddler to be an active listener and an articulate speaker, developing their own voice and perspective.


    Your child will be exposed to a wide range of themes to help your child to draw connections to daily life to get them to think beyond the classroom academia.


    We structure our lessons around investigative problems to help your child draw authentic connections to real-world situations and develop a greater appreciation for the subject.


    After each lesson, parents receive a summary of what was covered in class, as well as suggested activities to reinforce learning at home

Themes and Language Skills

Through the course of our N1 programme, your child can look forward to learning the following:

Reading, Writing and Oral Communication

  • Phonics – Introduction to letter sounds
  • Reading – Aural introduction to simple sight words and high frequency words
  • Penmanship preparation – Interactive activities to strengthen fine-motor skills in preparation for writing
  • Role-playing opportunities
  • Share-and-inquire discussions to practice articulation
  • Active listening skills


  • Rote counting
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Number sense

Spatial concepts

  • Directional language
  • Positional language

Foundational skills

  •  Matching
  • Classification
  • Seriation
  • Patterning

Some themes covered throughout the academic year include:

  • Animals and the Natural World
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Weather and our Daily Lives
  • Sustainability

Through our N1 programme, your child will:


Foster independence, self-confidence and social skills


Develop fine & gross-motor skills


Develop and improve classroom readiness


Be an active listener and an articulate speaker, developing his or her voice and perspective


Be exposed to a wide range of themes to draw raw connections to daily life and think beyond the classroom academia


Enjoy investigative learning, interactive experiences and discussions. Our teachers will help your child make authentic connections to the real world and enable them to build confidence in asking questions and expressing their thoughts and feelings

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