We make phonics classes enjoyable for young children.
Let us ignite their love for learning through our enrichment
classes for preschoolers in Singapore.

Phonics Classes for Preschoolers in Singapore

It is important to ensure children have a strong foundation and an early head start to his or her learning journey through our classes for preschoolers in Singapore. 

Our early years programmes for N2 to K2 nurture our children’s curiosity about learning, and builds confidence in asking questions and expressing their own thoughts and feelings, from phonics classes in Singapore to basic mathematical concepts. 

We prepare our K2 children for Primary 1 and ensure they are well-equipped with the necessary skills to excel in school. Let us ignite their love for learning through our classes for preschoolers in Singapore. 

Check out our Young Explorer Camps held during the school holidays, where we explore Science and Math in the world around us!

Nursery 2 child flipping through worksheets

Peek Into Our Classes for Preschoolers

We understand how phonics classes serve as a foundation for social skills, confidence, and academic interests. Our classes for preschoolers nurture an interest in reading by incorporating phonics, sight words, catchy songs, and rhymes into our lessons. Our phonics classes are made more engaging to hone children’s interests in language. We help your child explore, embrace and enjoy learning at The Eton Academy. Take a peek and watch our K1 children enjoy the various activities they had in class.

Explore Our Classes for Preschoolers in Singapore

We believe in providing high-quality academic programmes for young children. Our classes for preschoolers are designed to support the growth and development of children from ages 4 to 6 in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

At The Eton Academy, our phonics classes are designed to develop basic skills such as language, literacy, and social skills through engaging and interactive activities. Our experienced and qualified teachers provide a positive and conducive learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery.

Child holding letter E


We believe in nurturing each child’s curiosity about learning through the use of investigative learning, interactive activities, and discussions, our N2 children make authentic connections to the real world, and build confidence in expressing their own thoughts and feelings.

Child writing on worksheet


It is important to build a strong foundation on literacy and numeracy skills. Here, we ensure our K1 children are able to explore various new concepts in a stimulating environment. Our K1 children can look forward to a variety of multi-sensory classroom activities and mini projects to deepen their knowledge and learning.

Child doing baking


We prepare our K2 children to be ready for the transition to primary school. Our lessons stimulate their natural curiosity and learning, while also equipping them with the necessary skills and learning attitudes needed to enter Primary 1.

Two children reading a book with a teacher


Is your child struggling to sound out words? Does he or she need additional guidance to strengthen his or her literacy foundation? Here, we use a systematic and engaging approach to help your child grasp the basics of reading, master phonics, and build up confidence in reading.

Hear From Our Parents

I really like how the programme is structured in a comprehensive manner. Lucas gets to learn from sight words to phonics and penmanship as well.

Lucas loves attending the English class and is always excited when the weekend is here. We love how Lucas speaks now. His vocabulary is amazing! He is also confident in asking questions and expressing his thoughts and feelings to us.

I will definitely recommend The Eton Academy.

Angel Neo, Parent of Lucas (N2)

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