Children playing with our interactive digital display. The Eton Academy makes lessons come alive!

An immersive, 
interactive environment.  

 At The Eton Academy, we want your child to understand their place on the global stage and to become responsible global citizens who dare to dream big. Even as we remain in Singapore in our classrooms, with the help of immersive 3D technology, we bring the world to your child through a customised, immersive, interactive learning space. 

Learning can be student-directed instead of teacher-directed, as your child takes the helm when exploring a 3D environment, uncovering facts and discovering tasks on their own, taking charge of their own learning process.

In a Kindergarten 2 Mathematics class, for example, your child will not only get to learn about 3D shapes on paper and with concrete objects, but can be taken on a journey to Egypt’s towering pyramids, navigating  a scene of the rendered environment to gain an appreciation of the sheer scale of the pyramids.

The Eton Academy makes lessons come alive!

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