• How will you ensure my child’s safety during this time?
    All our classes are wiped down with disinfectant after each lesson.
    Students are encouraged to bring their own stationery to avoid the spread of the virus.


  •  How will you track who entered the centre?
    The Trace Together SafeEntry system will be used to collect entry and exit information of visitors, staff and children to facilitate contact tracing. SafeEntry is only necessary for persons entering the school premises and does not apply to parents dropping off or picking up children.


  •  How will the class size be affected?
    As part of safe distancing measures, class sizes have been reduced to adhere to government regulations.


  • What should I do if someone in my household has been issued a Quarantine Order /  Stay Home Notice / Leave of Absence?
    Please update the school if any child and/or any household member is placed under Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or Leave of Absence (LOA) by dropping us an email here.
  • What are your operating hours?
    We are open from Wednesday to Sundays.
    Weekdays: 230pm to 900pm
    Weekends: 845am to 715pm

  • Are you open on public holidays?
    No, we are closed.
    Lessons that fall on public holidays will be rescheduled.


  • Will my child be given homework?
    For the younger children, we provide optional take home activities that children can do with their parents to help reinforce what was learnt in class. Our teachers would be happy to review and mark these activities.
    Homework is assigned on a weekly basis for Primary 1 and above.
    If you feel that your child would require a reduced homework load, kindly speak to your child’s teacher to facilitate this arrangement.

  • Is TEA curriculum in line with the MOE syllabus?
    Yes, our curriculum is designed to be aligned with the MOE school syllabus, so your child will be taught the content and skills that he / she needs in school for each level.

  • There are no exams in P1 and P2. How will your lessons prepare my child for exams in P3?
    We have incorporated termly reviews for our students in P1 and P2. These reviews will also help our teachers to assess our students’ learning progress and identify areas of improvement that they can work on with the students in subsequent lessons. 
  • What are the class schedules for The Eton Academy?
    Our weekday classes run from Wednesday to Friday.
    Classes start from 3 pm and the last class ends at 9.15 pm.
    Our weekend classes start from 9 am and the last class ends at 7 pm.

  • How many students are there in a class?
    N2: Class sizes are capped at 8 students.
    K1: Class sizes are capped at 10 students.
    K2 and above: Class sizes are capped at 12 students.


  • What is your replacement class policy?
    We provide 3 replacement classes per term for lessons missed for any reason. 
  • Can I use my child’s Baby Bonus / Edusave to pay for the programme?
    No, The Eton Academy does not accept payment via CDA accounts / Baby Bonus.

  • How much are the programme fees?
    Please refer to our fees here.

  • Can I pay the fees monthly?
    Our programmes are billed on a termly basis. Please speak to our friendly officers to find out more.

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