June Holiday Camps

With camps catered for N2 to P6 children,
let your little ones explore and expand their horizons!
Camps are available at Sengkang Grand Mall, Great World, Canberra Plaza and i12 Katong.

Headcount icon. Max 10 students per class

Min 3 children to start a class
Max 8 – 10 children per class

Fees icon

2 sessions x 1h 45min
$129.60 per camp
(inclusive of GST)


Suitable for N2- P4
1h 45 min x 2 sessions 

Satiate your child’s curiosity about how the world works by joining us on an educational and fun-filled journey into the world of science! Explore marine conservation (N2), light, shadows and seasons (K1K2), energy and forces (P1P2) and even forensic science (P3P4)!


Our science enthusiasts will gain an early introduction to the different scientific fields, tinker with hands-on science experiments and learn more about the world around them!  

Children will bring home their very own investigative projects they made in class!

In this programme, your child will:

  • N2: Deep dive into the marine environment and learn about the magnificent sea creatures and how to protect them and their habitats.
  • K1K2: Investigate the relationship between light and shadows, and the four seasons!
  • P1P2: Explore energy and forces as we learn about physics in a simple and understandable way.
  • P3P4: Focus on forensics as we learn about fingerprinting and clue spotting

Chinese Speech and Drama

Suitable for N2-K2 
1h 45 mins x 2 days
Class is conducted in Mandarin

Expand your child’s vocabulary and let that inner star shine! Gain confidence in speaking, acting and working as a team.

Look forward to making your very own props to bring home, as we retell tales from favourite Mandarin storybooks.

N2 《乱挠痒痒的章鱼》The Tickly Octopus
K1K2《一条聪明的鱼》 One Smart Fish


N2:《乱挠痒痒的章鱼》The Tickly Octopus

There is nothing Tickly Octopus loves more than tickling his undersea friends. However, not everyone enjoys being tickled, and Tickly Octopus ends up in an unfortunate situation. Join him on a journey of self-discovery as he traverses the ocean for a solution. Children let their creative juices flow through hands-on activities, exploring picture books, and imitating the characteristics of sea creatures.

K1K2: 《一条聪明的鱼》 One Smart Fish

Long long ago, there lived one smart fish. What this smart fish wanted more than anything else was to walk on the land.But everyone knows that fish can’t walk …or can they?

Find out how one smart fish can change the world in this sparkling new adventure from Chris Wormell.

By exploring the picture book, children can understand the morphological characteristics of various fish and other underwater creatures, and understand the theme of the story: If we have a dream, we must boldly realize it, and approach it with firm determination.

Artists (Mandarin)

Suitable for N2-K2 
1h 45 mins x 2 days 
Class is conducted in Mandarin

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le by EtonHouse, our thematic art camps conducted in Mandarin help to build their vocabulary whilst honing their dexterity and creativity.

Through this two-day camp, children explore different art mediums as they create their own masterpiece each day!


N2: Dragon Boat Festival
Through fun storytelling and craft making, this camp leads children to explore and discover the origins of the Dragon Boat festival, whilst learning Mandarin! Children will be introduced to the tradition of Dragon Boat Festival: eating zongzi (dumpling), wearing traditional fragrant sachets and the exciting dragon boat race. Children will create and decorate their very own festive crafts.

K1K2: The Robot and The Bird

“The Robot and Bird” by Takashi Yanase is a meaningful story about friendship and sacrifice for the good of others. The robot and bird saved each other in the desert and a devoted friendship was formed. After going through hardship together, they decided to continue their mission to help other animals by finding new water sources in the desert. Through this camp, children explore the meaning of helping others and discover the beauty of kindness whilst learning chinese. Inspired by this story, children will engage their creativity and make a take-home craft every day!

PSLE Success Camp

Be well prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the upcoming PSLE!
The Eton Academy’s 5-day study camp provides in-depth revision into subject components, revising the skills and techniques to ace the exams.
Track your child’s progress through our pre and post assessments to ensure that your child has understood and applied the concepts accurately.

Headcount icon. Max 10 students per class

Min 5 children to start a class
Max 12 children per class

Fees icon

$540 per subject camp
(inclusive of GST)

New students who sign up for all 3 subjects get 20% off camp fees

Existing students who sign up for 1-2 subjects get 20% off camps fees
Existing students who sign up for all 3 subjects get 50% off camp fees


3h x 5 days – Physical Class

In our 5-day English camp, we will cover:
– Composition: Planning, Writing techniques
– Comprehension Open-ended and Cloze: Various question types and answering techniques
– Grammar and S&T: Recap of key grammar rules, common pitfalls to avoid
– Exam tips and revision strategies, including how to avoid common mistakes
– Pre and post assessments to track progress and understanding


3h x 5 days – Physical Class 

In our 5-day Math Camp, we will cover:
– Challenging topics such as: Changing Ratios, Area of Circles, Quadrilaterals, Percentage Changes
– Exam tips and strategies, including topical notes
– Pre and post assessments to track progress and understanding


3h x 5 days – Physical Class

In our 5-day Science Camp, we will cover:
– Challenging topics such as: Materials, Magnets, Matter, Water, Systems, Energy, Forces
– Experiment-based skills
– Exam tips and strategies, including topical notes
– Pre and post assesments to track progress and understanding

P5 Assessing Academics

Unsure of your child’s comprehension and competence in class?
Or just looking to check how he or she is doing academically?

Drop by our centres to sit for a mock examination where our teachers will review and mark the paper on the spot, and go through an in-depth post review.
(Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on the review)

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