June Holiday Camps

Boy Wearing The Eton Academy Jacket and Counting Money


Suitable for N2
1h 45 min x 2 days 

Our budding mathematicians will embark on a learning journey and engage in a array of multi-sensory and interactive activities to hone their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Our world is experiencing rising temperatures every day. What is causing it? How does it affect the people and animals living on our planet? What can we do?

Through this 2-day camp, your child will learn to:

  • create sets of up to 5 
  • create shapes 
  • match and sort shapes, colours and sizes 
  • make comparisons  
  • follow a sequence  
Boy Holding A Pencil and Smiling


Suitable for P1P2
1h 45 min x 2 days 

From uncovering the mysteries of advanced mathematical concepts to honing critical thinking skills essential for problem-solving, our Math Olympiad programme is tailored to focus on GEP based questions, stimulate intellectual curiosity and foster a deep appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.


Each session will be filled with interactive activities, stimulating discussions, and hands-on exercises designed to stretch the boundaries of your child’s mathematical prowess. Whether they’re unraveling complex equations, deciphering intricate patterns, or tackling mind-bending logic puzzles, every moment will be an opportunity for growth and discovery.


Boy doing science experiment

Young Scientists

Suitable for N2-P2
1h 45 mins x 2 days

Satiate your child’s curiosity about how the world works by joining us on an educational and fun-filled journey into the world of science! With engaging stories, hands-on experiments and activity-packed journals, children will explore how science is part of our everyday lives.

Explore the natural world around us and learn about animal mums as well as animal adaptations and interactions.


Our science enthusiasts will gain an early introduction to the different scientific fields, tinker with hands-on science experiments and learn more about the world around them!  

Children will bring home their very own investigative projects they made in class!

In this programme, your child will:

  • N2-K2 :
    Underwater Wonders – learn about whales, dolphins, sea stars and seahorses
    Animal Mums – explore how animal mums care for their babies 
  • P1-P2 :
    Fluttering Pollinators – discover how butterflies and bees help plants, learn the butterfly life cycle and how bees make honey
    Tree-dwellers – learn about the interactions of koalas and squirrels
    Incredible Adaptations – explore how camels, elephants, octopuses and zebras adapt to their various environments to survive
Zhong Hua Le Speech and Drama Programme

Chinese Speech and Drama

Suitable for N2, K1K2
1h 45 min x 2 days 
Class is conducted in Mandarin

Expand your child’s vocabulary and let that inner star shine! Gain confidence in speaking, acting and working as a team.

Look forward to making your very own props to bring home, as we retell tales from favourite Mandarin storybooks.


N2: 《乱挠痒痒的章鱼》The Tickly Octopus

There is nothing Tickly Octopus loves more than tickling his undersea friends. However, not everyone enjoys being tickled, and Tickly Octopus ends up in an unfortunate situation. Join him on a journey of self-discovery as he traverses the ocean for a solution. Children let their creative juices flow through hands-on activities, exploring picture books, and imitating the characteristics of sea creatures.

K1K2: 《笨拙的螃蟹》 The Clumsy Crab

Children will explore the storylines of “The Clumsy Crab”, putting themselves in the crab’s shoes, experiencing how the crabs felt when his big pincers got in the way. They will make their very own crab costumes and use them to reenact the story of the clumsy crab. Together, children will learn how the crab use its weakness to build strength to tackle problems. Through this story, we want the children to understand situations from different perspectives and to appreciate and recognise their own uniqueness.

Zhong Hua Le Young Artists Camp

Young Artists (Mandarin)

Suitable for N2, K1K2
1h 45 min x 2 days
Class is conducted in Mandarin

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le by EtonHouse, our thematic art camps conducted in Mandarin help to build their vocabulary whilst honing their dexterity and creativity.

Through this two-day camp, children explore different art mediums as they create their own masterpiece each day!


Through fun storytelling and craft making, this camp leads children to explore and discover the origins of the Dragon Boat festival, whilst learning Mandarin! Children will be introduced to the tradition of Dragon Boat Festival: eating zongzi (dumpling), wearing traditional fragrant sachets and the exciting dragon boat race. Children will create and decorate their very own festive crafts.

Through the appreciation of poem “Let’s Travel The World!”, this camp leads children to explore and discover the uniqueness of different cultures in the world. Children will embark on an imaginary journey around the world to visit North America, Mexico and France. Children will make and decorate artwork to represent each country explored.

Boy Wearing The Eton Academy Jacket and Presenting in Class

PSLE Success Camp

Suitable for P6
4h x 3 days
Available for English, Math, Science

Be well prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the upcoming PSLE!
The Eton Academy’s 4h x 3-day (per subject) study camp provides in-depth revision into subject components, revising the skills and techniques to ace the exams.
Track your child’s progress through our pre and post assessments to ensure that your child has understood and applied the concepts accurately.

In our English camp, we will cover:
– Composition: Planning, Writing techniques
– Comprehension Open-ended and Cloze: Various question types and answering techniques
– Grammar and S&T: Recap of key grammar rules, common pitfalls to avoid
– Exam tips and revision strategies, including how to avoid common mistakes
– Pre and post assessments to track progress and understanding

In our Math Camp, we will cover:
– Challenging topics such as: Changing Ratios, Area of Circles, Quadrilaterals, Percentage Changes
– Exam tips and strategies, including topical notes
– Pre and post assessments to track progress and understanding

In our Science Camp, we will cover:
– Challenging topics such as: Materials, Magnets, Matter, Water, Systems, Energy, Forces
– Experiment-based skills
– Exam tips and strategies, including topical notes
– Pre and post assesments to track progress and understanding

Headcount icon. Max 10 students per class

Max 8 – 10 children per class

Fees icon

 HOLIDAY CAMP FEES (inclusive of GST)
1h 45min x 2 days
$130.80 per camp

 PSLE CAMP FEES (inclusive of GST)
4h x 3 days
$450.00 per subject camp 

1 subject $450.00
2 subjects $900.00
3 subjects $900.00 (complimentary 3rd subject)

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