Holiday Camps

Join us during the local and international holiday break, with dates from 30 May 2022 through to 8 July 2022.
Our holiday camps at The Eton Academy promise to engage, educate and excite your child as we explore the world around us!


Suitable for K1 – K2 
1h 45 mins x 2 days – Physical Class

Tap into children’s innate curiosity about the world of business! Your child will make a plan for their own shop, and pitch their business ideas.


Through the course of the programme, your child will be introduced to the following:

  • Language and Art
    Develop and design their very own marketing posters for their product
  • Mathematics
    Learn about the basic mathematical concepts of selling price, cost of materials and profit
  • Public Speaking
    Communicate effectively and promote their product, whilst learning about appropriate body language, tone and speed of speech


Suitable for N2 – P2
1h 45 min x 2 days – Physical Class 


Satiate your child’s curiosity about how the world works by joining us on an educational and fun-filled journey into the world of science! 


Our science enthusiasts will gain an early introduction to the different scientific fields, tinker with hands-on science experiments and learn more about the world around them! 

In this programme, your child will:

  • N2 – Explore the sense of smell and hearing, make their own musical instrument, and dive into the world of dinosaurs and fossils!
  • K1K2 – Children inquire into electricity, metals and light!
  • P1P2 – Discover gravity and its effects, paleontology and dinosaur adaptations!

Chinese Speech and Drama

Suitable for N2 – K2
1h 45 mins x 2 days – Physical Class
Class is conducted in Mandarin

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le, by EtonHouse, join us and be captivated by the wonderful diversity of marine life in our two-day underwater world themed Chinese Speech & Drama Holiday Programme!


Ignite the joy of learning Mandarin and strengthen language competency and expression through storytelling, music and movement, and role-play.

Look forward to making your very own sea creatures and props to bring home, as we retell tales of the deep.

N2 – Follow the story of Smiley Shark and his undersea adventures 
K1K2 – Discover how Mr Crab overcomes adversities and emerges stronger and better

Artists (Mandarin)

Suitable for N2 – K2 
1h 45 mins x 2 days – Physical Class
Class is conducted in Mandarin

A child's art piece, colourful robot formed from various shapes and a pair of googly eyes
Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le by EtonHouse, our thematic art camps conducted in Mandarin help to build their vocabulary whilst honing their dexterity and creativity!

Through this two-day camp, nurture your child’s creativity as they understand the world around them. Explore different art mediums as they create their own masterpiece each day!

N2:  Explore and discover the origins behind the Dragon Boat festival folklore. Children will create their very own dumpling figurines and traditional fragrance sachets!

K1K2: Travel round the world and learn about famous monuments and cultures. Children will explore art forms and craft their own masterpieces!

Headcount icon. Max 10 students per class

Min 5 children to start a class
Max 8 – 10 children per class

Fees icon

 FEES (*subject to GST)
2 days x 1h 45min
$99* per camp

PSLE Success Camps
5 days x 3h
$500* per subject camp
$50* material fee per subject
10% discount on camp fees when you sign up for all 3 subjects

PSLE Success Camp

Be well prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the upcoming PSLE!
The Eton Academy’s 5-day study camp provides in-depth revision into subject components, revising the skills and techniques to ace the exams.
Track your child’s progress through our pre and post assessments to ensure that your child has understood and applied the concepts accurately.

Please drop us an email at [email protected] for all enquiries.