The Eton Academy: Why Us

It’s not easy being a parent, especially these days. We want our children to succeed academically but we also want them to be creative, confident, ask questions and think outside the box. We want them to be socially competent, work collaboratively with peers and adults and be resilient in the face of challenges.

The Eton Academy was established to bring out the best in your child. Part of the EtonHouse Group, we ensure that your child is academically strong with excellent skills in English, Maths and Science. But our approach is different. We make it Fun and Meaningful.

We use our award-winning inquiry approach to make every lesson engaging. When your child is engaged, they learn more and develop a Lifelong Love for Learning! No surprises therefore when a child’s least favourite subject becomes their best after learning with us at The Eton Academy

We guarantee your child will be successful. But we also guarantee that your child will love to learn and look forward to every lesson at The Eton Academy.

Our Curriculum

Designed to be in close alignment with Singapore’s MOE syllabus, our lessons complement and strengthen your child’s learning in school, while also nurturing your child to be a curious and self-directed learner. 

Join us at The Eton Academy, where we strive to help your child to thrive in school—and in life.

How are we different?

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Parents’ Testimonials

I am thankful to The Eton Academy for giving a positive learning environment for Archa and I can see a very big improvement in her Maths subject. Before joining The Eton Academy, her Maths results were poor. I discussed my concerns with The Eton Academy and they helped Archa to achieve great results in her recent weighted assessments.

Thank you for making her disliked subject to her most liked one.

Ms Deepthi, Parent of Archa (P3)

Engaging activities, concepts were explained in a manner that’s easy for child to digest.
Mr Cai

Parent of Truett, N2

My child enjoys going for class…the teacher has been so encouraging in honing his creativity in writing.
Mrs Lee

Parent of Zander, K2

Tiara has benefited a lot. She actually knows more words than her classmates do now.
Mdm Hashikin

Parent of Tiara, P1