About EtonHouse International Education Group

The Eton Academy is a subsidiary of EtonHouse International Education Group offering English, math and science enrichment classes.

EtonHouse believes that children should take ownership of their learning. When children are happy and engaged, learning happens naturally and spontaneously. Open-mindedness, critical thinking skills, and a life-long love for learning are just as essential as acquiring knowledge.

This thinking was the motivation behind our inquiry-based pedagogy that revolutionised the early years approach 26 years ago. Today, EtonHouse continues to be a leader in education providing a through train K-12 education pathway from Playgroup to High School in Singapore and in 10 other countries.

The group headquartered in Singapore has a significant presence in China. There are a total of 120 international schools in 11 countries, including 12 International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. The EtonHouse Group also runs E-Bridge, which is part of the Singapore government’s Anchor Operator (AOP) Scheme that operates affordable Pre-Schools in Singapore, and Middleton International School — an affordable through train international school.

Our Vision

Vision: Shaping the future through education

Our vision is to help shape the future through holistic programmes that integrate inter and intra-personal development, skills, and academia.