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Meet Our Teachers

The Eton Academy teachers believe in nurturing curiosity in every learner. They encourage children to develop their own voices in their learning journey and build a culture where students are not afraid to speak up and ask questions. They believe that the process of learning is its own reward and want children to become confident, lifelong learners. They are warm, nurturing, and respectful of children and their learning autonomy.

Our teachers are a diverse mix of local and international educators with years of teaching experience in both MOE and private schools. The Eton Academy teachers go through a stringent hiring process and are selected for their strong teaching track record.

Tan Yi Ting - Deputy Head of Teaching and Curriculum

Tan Yi Ting

Ms. Tan heads up our Education Technology team in spearheading our digital transformation, extending the classroom beyond the four walls. In addition, as the Deputy Head of Curriculum and Teaching at The Eton Academy, she oversees the training and development of our teachers as well as ensures the quality of our carefully crafted in-house curriculum.

Ms. Tan has taught in local MOE schools and private enrichment providers for over 10 years, bringing her a wealth of experience. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary Education) from NIE and is a three-time recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award during her time in MOE. As a teacher, she believes that “All children can learn” and her affable nature and energy create a warm and spirited environment for learning.

Elizabeth Tay - Deputy Head of Teaching and Curriculum

Elizabeth Tay_deputy head

Ms. Elizabeth Tay heads up The Eton Academy’s curriculum team (English). As a seasoned educator with over two decades with MOE, she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in teaching and learning. Armed with a Masters in Education from the University of Melbourne, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from NTU, and a Bachelors Degree from NUS, she champions the integration of innovative teaching techniques, educational technology, and assessment methods – fostering critical thinking, creativity, and formative assessment among students and educators alike.

As a teacher, Elizabeth views education as a holistic process of nurturing children. While her students will shine academically, she also ensures they leave her care as kinder and more compassionate people. Having taught different student groups from foundation to gifted levels, this experienced educator can identify students’ learning needs and works systematically to level up curriculum programmes and nurture the learning potential in each child.

Charis Foo - Teaching Specialist

Charis Foo

Teacher Charis graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Australia and has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Diploma in Education from NIE. She taught in the local MOE system for five years before moving on to the private enrichment space for close to another ten years. With experience as a childcare teacher, tutor, and MOE secondary school teacher, Teacher Charis is well-equipped to handle children of all ages. She forms excellent connections with young children and is known to be patient and nurturing.

Charlotte Lim - Teaching Specialist

Charlotte Lim - Teacher of The Eton Academy

Teacher Charlotte graduated from Murdoch University and headed up the Math department in her previous private education company. With over five years in the teaching industry, her love for children takes center stage. Parents have commended the significant improvements in their child’s learning habits and progress, such as displaying more confidence and willingness to try again when faced with mistakes/challenges.


Crisann Lai - Teaching Specialist

Crisann Lai - Teacher of The Eton Academy

Teacher Crisann graduated from Australia and is a bubbly and dynamic teacher adept at captivating and nurturing young minds. She is an experienced English preschool teacher focusing on reading and writing components, delivering lessons that engage and challenge young students.


Denis Molofej - Teaching Specialist

Denis Molofej - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Denis graduated with a Masters degree from the UK and holds International Baccalaureate PYP and TESOL teaching certification. Having taught young children in Shanghai and Singapore for nearly a decade, he brings a wealth of experience and diversity into the classroom. His classes are energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging while being goal-oriented and meticulous.

Emilyn See - Senior Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Emilyn See - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Emilyn has a Masters in Education from UNSW and graduated from NUS with a BA in English (Hons). She has more than ten years of experience in teaching phonics, literacy, and curriculum development. She also has close to five years of experience teaching upper primary children, with a strong focus on the PSLE.

Esther Teo - Teaching Specialist

Esther Teo - Teaching Specialist

Teacher Esther graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – Education from NIE. She has taught in MOE schools and private education for over 12 years. As an experienced educator, Teacher Esther understands the common concerns and struggles students face while learning and addresses these concerns while delivering the lesson objectives in an engaging manner. She hopes each child leaves her classroom armed with tools and knowledge to make their learning applicable in their everyday lives.

Hugh E Anthonisz - Senior Teaching Specialist

Hugh E Anthonisz - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Hugh has more than 20 years of teaching experience in MOE and the private enrichment space. He has deep content knowledge and is a charismatic teacher who brings lessons to life!

Insyirah Bibi - Teaching Specialist

Insyirah Bibi - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Syirah has more than 6 years education experience in the preschool setting. Armed with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, her warm and affable nature shines through in her classes.

Jacqueline Lin - Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Jacqueline Lin - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Jacqueline holds a Master of Education from NIE, a BA from NUS, and a specialist certification in Linguistics. She has been in the education industry for 15 years, teaching in MOE, private education, and pre-school. She embraces the unique differences in each child and is committed to providing the best learning experience for them by giving them ownership of their learning journeys to pursue their interests and curiosities.

Jade Ang - Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Jade Ang - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Jade graduated with Honours from NUS and has a Post Graduate certification from the College of Allied Education. She has more than eight years of experience teaching, writing curriculum, and even as a role of Vice-Principal. She strongly believes in parent-teacher collaboration to help the child and that every child is unique, and she wants to help them discover and build their potential.

Jasmine Claricoates - Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Jasmine Claricoates - Teacher of The Eton Academy

Teacher Jasmine graduated with a Masters in Arts from the UK and has been living and teaching in Singapore for the past five years. She has experience teaching in the local MOE schools and the private enrichment space. She likens her classroom to be a safe space for students to think outside the box, take risks and make mistakes.

Jessica Pinel - Senior Teaching Specialist

Jessica Pinel - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Jessy graduated with Honours from the UK and has been living and teaching in Singapore for over seven years. She was previously a senior teacher teaching English to N1 to P6 students at a private enrichment centre. She has extensive experience teaching phonics and is well-versed with the MOE curriculum. Jessy’s energy and humour extend to her classroom, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for her children.

Khairunnisa Binte Hashim - Teaching Specialist

Khairunnisa Binte Hashim - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Nisa graduated from SUSS and has a Diploma in Specialised Teaching and Learning from NIE. With more than 15 years in education, both in the private sector and MOE, she brings a wealth of experience into the classrooms. Her lessons are known to be fun and interactive.

Kai En Koh - Teaching Specialist

Teacher Kai En graduated with BA (Honours) from Lasalle College of the Arts. With more than 3 years experience in MOE and private education, she is familiar with both preschool and primary space. An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, she strongly believes in being a pillar of support in the child’s learning journey.

Leanna Tan - Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Leanna Tan - Teacher of The Eton AcademyTeacher Leanna holds a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, Specialist Diploma for Allied Education, and a BA in Sociology from NUS. She has taught in both MOE schools and private education for more than 5 years, and has extensive teaching experience in Public Speaking and Speech and Drama for children. As part of the Early Years curriculum team, Teacher Leanna develops learning journeys that bring lessons to life and set curiosity in motion.

Linda Paik - Teaching Specialist

Linda Paik - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Linda Paik graduated with a Degree in Business and holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Having more than five years of prior experience in the pre-school sector as a senior teacher, she is well liked by both children and parents. Her love for the children is seen through her dedication in the classroom and beyond.

Loshene Devika - Teaching Specialist

Loshene - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Losh hails from the University of London, where she studied law. Her love for education and children brought her back to the private education space as a teacher, and she has been teaching for ten years. She is warm and friendly towards the children yet maintains a systematic and organised approach to education.

Lydia Tan - Teaching Specialist

Lydia Tan - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Lydia graduated with a BA from SIM and has an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She has over 15 years of experience moulding young minds in pre-school and private education. Her patient and nurturing nature create a welcoming classroom where children are ready to learn and explore together.

Natasha Ng - Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Natasha Ng - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Natasha graduated from NUS and has more than five years of experience teaching English and writing curriculum in the private enrichment space. She is warm and friendly, and her nurturing, bubbly nature makes her popular with the children.

Nicole Mui - Teaching Specialist

Nicole Mui - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Nicole brings more than six years of teaching experience in the private education sector. Focusing on the English language, her love for the language and educating young minds transforms the classroom into a warm and lively environment where her enthusiasm shines.

Nurashlinda - Teaching Specialist

Teacher Linda holds a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood education and has been teaching in the preschools and private education for almost 20 years. Her vibrant and enthusiastic nature shines in her classes, creating a warm, inclusive environment. 

Phoebe Chan - Teaching Specialist

Phoebe Chan - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Phoebe graduated from NUS and has over three years of experience teaching in private education. She is encouraging, fun-loving and creates a safe classroom environment for our children to develop self-confidence. She partners with parents to uncover a child’s potential.

Ramya - Teaching Specialist

Ramya - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Ramya graduated with Honours in Childhood and Early Years Studies. She has close to five years of experience teaching and mentoring children. She is passionate about creating a learning environment where engaging, educating, and exciting activities go hand in hand.

Siti Nur Aisyah - Senior Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Siti Nur Aisyah - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Aisyah graduated with Honours from NTU-NIE, BA (Education). She has close to ten years of experience teaching with MOE and has achieved numerous accolades from the ministry for her outstanding contributions. Her caring and nurturing demeanour is apparent through her guidance and concern for students that goes beyond the classroom.

Woo Wei Fen - Senior Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Woo Wei Fen - Teacher at The Eton Academy

Teacher Wei Fen has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and graduated with honours in Science from NUS. She has close to ten years of experience in the MOE as Level Head, a teacher, and even a PSLE examiner. She is patient, meticulous, and well-versed with the curriculum and examination requirements.

Yanru Cheng - Teaching Specialist

Teacher Yanru has more than a decade of experience teaching Math and Science to primary school children in the private enrichment sector. As a teacher and supervisor, she brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise.

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