English Tuition Classes for Nursery 2 to Primary 6

It is important to ensure children have a strong foundation and build competence to excel in the fundamental language. Our English programmes encourage students to be active learners and articulate speakers. Lessons are structured to help students investigate the craft of writing, learn grammar rules, and hone reading skills. 

Learn how we equip your child with the knowledge and skills to excel in English.

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Peek Into Our English Class

We help your child explore, embrace and enjoy learning at The Eton Academy. In the early years, we nurture an interest in reading by incorporating phonics, sight words, catchy songs, and rhymes into our lessons. Take a peek and watch our K1 children enjoy the various activities they had in class. 

What Goes On In Our English Programmes?

  • Lessons are structured to help students investigate the craft of writing with examples from notable children’s literature
    e.g. How did the writer make the character memorable? What were some of the writing techniques he used? How can we emulate them?

  • Students are encouraged to learn grammar through a mix of implicit and explicit instruction (e.g. noticing patterns in different sentences vs listing of grammar rules)

  • Students hone their reading skills with integrated phonics components that include catchy songs / rhymes to stimulate their interest

  • Students engage in a wide range of themes (e.g. biodiversity, young game changers) throughout the year to ignite their curiosity in the world around us

  • “Develop Your Voice” modules encourage students to be active listeners and articulate speakers

Explore Our English Programmes

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We believe in nurturing each child’s curiosity about learning and help them develop a life-long love for learning. Our early years programme from N2 to K2 nurture our children’s curiosity and builds confidence in asking questions and expressing their own thoughts and feelings. We equip our K2 children and ensure they are well-prepared with the necessary skills for primary education.

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It is crucial that your child has the right foundation to primary school education. Our lower primary programmes are designed to ensure your child is not only able to master the content and skills included in the MOE syllabus, but is also encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and further explore themes and concepts he or she is interested in. At Primary 5 and 6, our tuition lessons are geared towards PSLE excellence and mastery.

Hear From Our Parents

I really like how the programme is structured in a comprehensive manner. Lucas gets to learn from sight words to phonics and penmanship as well.

Lucas loves attending the English class and is always excited when the weekend is here. We love how Lucas speaks now. His vocabulary is amazing! He is also confident in asking questions and expressing his thoughts and feelings to us.

I will definitely recommend The Eton Academy.

Angel Neo, Parent of Lucas (N2)

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