Nursery 2

Programmes for Nursery 2

At Nursery 2, your child is just at the beginning of his or her learning journey. At The Eton Academy, we believe in nurturing each child’s curiosity about learning through the use of structured-inquiry in our enrichment classes.

Using investigative learning, interactive activities and discussions, our teachers will help your child to make authentic connections to the real world, as well as enable your preschool child to build confidence in asking questions and expressing his or her own thoughts and feelings.

Class duration: 1 hour 45 mins
Class size: Maximum 8 students

Nursery 2 English

    We get your child interested in penmanship and writing by inquiring into carefully curated children’s books, learning from the best writing techniques and how to emulate them.
    We incorporate phonics, sight words, songs and rhymes into our lessons to reinforce the phonics sounds learnt to help your child read and blend words easily, building a strong foundation and an interest in reading.
    Our lessons include weekly inquiry themes and class discussions to encourage your child to be an active listener and an articulate speaker, developing their own voice and perspective.
    Your child will be exposed to a wide range of themes to help your child to draw connections to daily life (e.g. biodiversity, young game changers) to get them to think beyond the classroom academia.
    After each lesson, parents receive a summary of what was covered in class, as well as suggested activities to reinforce learning at home.

Themes and Language Skills

Through the course of our N2 English enrichment programme, your child can look forward to learning the following:

  • Phonics – sounding out, blending and decoding letter sounds, two-letter initial and final consonant blends
  • Tricky words – recognising high frequency words such as “who” and “the”
  • Penmanship – mastering letter strokes and lower-case letters
  • Show-and-tell presentations
  • Share-and-inquire discussions and extended learning activities
  • Some themes covered during the academic year include:
    • Identity and Confidence
    • My Family, My Community
    • Traditions and Celebrations
    • Discovery and Inventions