Why am I always getting the same score for composition? How do I bump it up to the next level?

To get from writing a good composition to writing a stellar one, there seems to be an invisible hurdle that many students find difficult to overcome. We consulted with our English curriculum writers and teachers to find out why.

Here are three tips they suggest to help inch you closer to getting your desired composition score!


1. Create a hook in the beginning 

Instead of starting the story with unnecessary information that does not play a role in the later parts of the plot, consider starting it in the middle of an action scene. Not only will you be able to link the beginning of the story to the problem, but this exciting start will also get readers to be interested to continue reading on!


2. Create a believable problem in the middle

The middle is usually the most exciting part of any story, but do not go overboard and write something that is unlikely to happen in real life. One way to keep yourself in check is to ask yourself – Is this something that can happen in everyday life? Has this happened to me before? When you write a story based on personal experiences, the writing naturally becomes more convincing as you are better able to describe the scenes and characters’ feelings.

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3. Create an impactful end

The end of the story is the last thing that the examiner would read before he or she gives you the final score for your composition. Therefore, it is important for you to reinforce the link to the theme and picture(s) at the end by mentioning them once more. This can be done through the use of writing techniques like internal dialogues that show how the protagonist felt or what he or she learned after experiencing the problem in the story.

We hope these three tips will come in handy when writing your next composition!

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