Looking to encourage your child to love reading? A library can be a wonderful place for your child to explore books and encourage them to enjoy written literature. In order to cultivate that habit of reading, it is important to make reading an enjoyable part of your child’s everyday life.

Here are 3 tips to help you set up a home library for your child.


Tip 1: Accessibility is key.

A book shelf with display of books

Place the books in easy accessible baskets or shelves that allow your child to easily reach for the books. It is also good to consider the height of the shelves to be suitable for your child’s height. Consider displaying book covers facing outwards, making them more colourful and welcoming for children to pick up.


Tip 2: Stock a variety of books.

Display of 4 different books

Keep your home library fresh by changing up the book selection regularly and including a wide variety of genres. With constant new materials to read, it will encourage your child to reach out for the books over and over again. The public library is a good place to expand your home library from time to time, or you can also consider doing book swaps with fellow parents.


Tip 3: Create a cosy space for reading.


Bookshelf with Books and Toys



Credits: ikea.com

Let your child fall in love with reading and the world of books by creating an inviting and comfortable environment for your home library. Choose a spot with good natural light to prevent eye strain and fatigue, and add pillows or bean bags for your child to have a comfortable spot to read for longer periods of time.

Here you have it! 3 simple tips to help you get started on a little home library for your child. We hope you have found this useful and we’d love to see all your home library designs. Share your photos and videos on your social media channels and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@theetonacademy).

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