Set New Year Resolutions with your child

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year and set some goals. This year, get your child involved and help them set new year resolutions too!

To get you started, here are a few simple resolutions that might be suitable for your child. Read on to find out more!

1) Drink at least eight glasses of water every day

Health is wealth. Water is essential to life and it is important to drink lots of water daily. You can easily help your child keep track of his or her water intake with this water bottle and create your own bullet journal to track the progress.

2) Have a balanced diet

You are what you eat. A balanced diet can help reduce the risk of health diseases. “My Healthy Plate” is an easy-to-understand visual guide that helps your child adopt healthier eating habits. A balanced diet consists of a quarter portion of carbohydrates, a quarter portion of protein and half portion of fruits and vegetables.

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3) Spend time outdoors at least once every week

In order to achieve a balanced lifestyle, it’s important to incorporate some form of physical activities in our routine. The physical activities do not have to be strenuous. It can be as simple as taking a stroll, doing some light stretching or cycling in the park.


4) Read a new book every month

Reading helps your child to lay a good foundation in languages. Have your child pick a book at the start of each month and set aside a fixed time to read to your child or have your child read it independently.  Do it consistently at least once a week to cultivate good reading habits.

5) Regular revision

Enrichment classes provide a platform for your child to reinforce what they have learnt in school and gain knowledge outside of the school curriculum. Click HERE to register your child for a FREE trial class with The Eton Academy to prepare your child for the new academic year ahead!

Did you know? The Eton Academy has termly updates with parents to ensure that everyone is kept updated on the progress of the child. We provide a learning snapshot that reviews both academic prowess and soft skills. We also provide weekly updates for younger children through lesson summaries.

Here at  The  Eton Academy, we are committed to working hand in hand with you to provide the best learning experience for your child by allowing them to thoroughly explore their capabilities through self-discovery. 

Experience a class first-hand to find out more! Sign up for a trial class here.


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