Self-knowledge or awareness means having the ability to understand your emotions, thoughts, and values. This gives your child the capacity to realistically assess their strengths and weaknesses to better themselves. Self-knowledge is crucial in the early years of your child’s development as it helps to promote emotional wellness and set a direction for self-improvement in the future. 

You can help your child understand themselves better through encouraging self-discovery.

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Tip 1: Positive Reinforcement

Have your child write a list of qualities that they like about themselves (i.e. I am helpful). Place this list in an area that they will see often to reinforce the positives they see in themselves. This boosts the confidence of your child as it provides them with a better sense of fulfillment by doing what they are good at. According to American Psychologist, Carol Dweck, it is also important that children develop a growth mindset by identifying their weaknesses as an area for improvement. 

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Tip 2:  Have an Emotion Journal  

As your child learns to identify and label their emotions, get them to write their emotions for the day or simply paste stickers that resonate with how they are feeling in a journal. Evaluate the emotions that your child is feeling by asking them, “What happened that led you to feel this way?” Manage your child’s emotions by guiding them on how they can respond to external situations that upset them.

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Tip 3: Take Ownership

Encourage your child to take ownership of their own development and growth. This means to let your child take responsibility for their own learning by being an active and engaged participant in their academic journey. Support your child through this process by guiding them on how they can make decisions that are aligned with their goals and identify what motivates them to learn.

Here at  The  Eton Academy, we keenly understand the struggles of parents. We are committed to working hand in hand with you to provide the best learning experience for your child by allowing them to thoroughly explore their capabilities through self-discovery. 

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