What exactly does it mean to empower your child and why is it so important?

Empowering your child is encouraging the belief in their own abilities and potential for positive growth. It is important that children are empowered to work towards their dream to achieve their full potential in life. 

Here are some tips that you can use to empower your child to become a happy, confident, and resilient individual. 

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Tip 1: Encourage Resilience  

Enhance your child’s resilience through goal setting. Setting realistic goals that they can accomplish can boost their confidence. It is also important to encourage your child to keep trying despite facing setbacks as this can create resilience in your child. Knowing and believing that they can eventually accomplish it gives them something to look forward to when things get difficult.

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Tip 2:  Allow Them to Fail  

As parents, you would want your child to succeed in every aspect of their lives. However, it is important that your child sees failure as a stepping stone to achieving their goal, and a part of reaching success. Allowing your child to fail presents an opportunity for growth and helps build their resilience. Failing can feel uncomfortable so do give extra support and encouragement!

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Tip 3: Celebrate Small Wins

Remind your child to appreciate their hard work. Even the smallest of tasks takes effort to accomplish. Reaping the rewards of their effort, time and energy to complete smaller tasks will motivate them to complete more challenging tasks in the future.

Although there are many ways to help empower your child, the most empowering thing you can do is to trust them, and encourage them in all they choose to do. 

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