As Singapore tightens restrictions and more children are staying home, here are some stay-home activities that you can do with your child.

1. Write a postcard to a friend
What better way to tell family and friends how much they are loved than receiving a physical card in the post! Writing postcards or letters is a fantastic way for children to express themselves. You can adapt this to drawing or colouring for younger ones.


2. We’re going on a hunt!
Here’s a simple stay-home game that can stretch for time. Plan a series of simple clues or make a list of items you can find around the house and do a scavenger hunt. Here are some ideas!


3. Bake!
Chocolate brownies, sugar cookies or banana bread? Pick a simple recipe and get your child to help measure, mix and mould. It’s a great way to bond, express creativity and also sneak in some math and numbers!


    4. DIY Crafts
    There are infinite craft projects to do at home. Try something low-prep like a “penne” necklace, or go all-in and do a paper mache globe! Here’s a great list of inspirations to try out!


    5. Go Online
    Educational resources galore reside on the internet. From instructional videos, game apps or even live online classes, there’s bound to be something for every age. Check out what The Eton Academy has to offer during this period or these recommended platforms

    Remember, education does not take place solely in school, what happens at home matters too!


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