2022 Wild Camps

With the school holidays around the corner, have your child join our holiday camps at The Eton Academy as we engage, educate and excite!

In partnership with Into the Wild, these camps were created for kids who climb and fall out of trees, ride their bikes too fast, lean too far over to see what’s in the pond, have to touch everything, believe a swing is a rocket ship bound for Mars…  you know the kids we’re talking about…

Bite-Sized Camp

Suitable for N2 to K2 (3-6 year olds)
1 day x 2 hours

Camp 1: 3 June, 9am -11am
Camp 2: 15 June, 9am – 11am

A child running through splashes of water

A series of gritty, messy, real-life wilderness
emergency simulations designed to bring out the super hero in every little adventurer!


In this 2 hour crash course, kids learn how to safely navigate wildlife encounters in Singapore. 

What do you do if you come face to face with a Wild boar in Yishun?  Or accidentally step on the tail of a black spitting cobra making it’s way across the PCN?  Should you chase down a monkey that’s running away with your homework? Is it safe to sneak past a family of otters blocking your path?

Aside from tips on safely co-existing with the amazing animals on our island-city, this session also includes hands-on emergency medical simulations to make sure you know what to do if something takes a bite out of you!

Wilderness Survival

Suitable for P1 to P3 (6-8 year olds)
2 days x 3.5 hours

Camp 1:  30-31 May, 130pm – 5pm
Camp 2:  16-17 June,  830am – 12pm

Designed to train up a squad of little super heroes capable of administering aid in the event of an emergency. Expect most kids to come home more knowledgeable, dirty, (fake) bloody, and happy.​


Over the course of 2 days, our mini troopers will learn how to manage snake bites, broken bones, nosebleeds, sunburn, bee stings, cuts and bruises, through a series of hands-on simulations.

Kids go home with a personalised first-aid kit they actually have the confidence and skills to know how to use.  But more importantly an appreciation of the role that leadership and teamwork play in survival.

Bukit Timah area
Look out for the pin drop sent the group chat closer to the date!

Headcount icon. Max 10 students per class

Min 6 children to start a class
Max 12 children per class

Fees icon

(Enjoy 10% discount when booking through The Eton Academy!)
N2 to K2 (3yo- 6yo) : $120 $108*
P1 to P3 (6yo – 8yo): $350 $315*
(*subject to GST)

Camp Schedules

Schedule Fees
(Enjoy 10% when booking through The Eton Academy!)
Bite-Sized Camp Fri, 3 June
9am to 11am
$120 $108*
(Suitable for N2 to K2:
3-6 year olds)
Wed, 15 June
9am to 11am
$120 $108*
Wilderness Survival Camp Mon 30 May – Tue 31 May
1.30pm to 5pm
$350 $315*
(incl snacks + first aid kit)
(Suitable for P1 to P3:
6-8 year olds)
Thu 16 Jun  – Fri 17 Jun
8.30am to 12pm
$350 $315*
(incl snacks + first aid kit)

(*subject to GST)

What should my child bring/wear?

Expect your child to be spending a good chunk of time outdoors.  

We recommend kids bring a comfortable backpack containing the following:

  • healthy snacks 

  • water bottle (we will provide extra water)

  • notebook and pen

  • mosquito spray

  • hat

  • rain jacket or poncho

  • change of clothes in a plastic bag

  • rain boots (weather dependant)

Please be sure that your child is dressed comfortably and in clothes you don’t mind getting stained or dirty.  Sneakers and high socks, or long pants are highly recommended.  

What if it rains?

The camp will proceed regardless of the weather.  There’s lots of fun to be had in the rain!  That having been said, in the event of lightning, the session will be held indoors until the weather clears.

WhatsApp: 8445 0882