PSLE Success Camp

Be well prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the upcoming PSLE!
The Eton Academy’s 5-day study camp for Primary 6 children provides in-depth revision into subject components, revising the skills and techniques to ace the exams.
Track your child’s progress through our pre and post assessments to ensure that your child has understood and applied the concepts accurately.

P5 Academic Assessment

Unsure of your child’s comprehension and competence in class?
Or just looking to check how he or she is doing academically?

Drop by our centres to sit for a mock examination where our teachers will review and mark the paper on the spot, and go through an in-depth post review.
(Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on the review)


 A Parent-Child Webinar

(Click to watch the recording)

 Join our senior teachers to learn how to tackle this milestone.

Guide your child to be an independent learner, and what concrete steps they need to take to achieve success. Specially designed to help your child uncover answering techniques, revision strategies and how to overcome common pitfalls – we encourage both you and your child to attend together!

We will be covering the following topics and more!
✔️ Explanation of PSLE Achievement Levels
✔️ Identify Math question trends
✔️ Science strategies sharing
✔️ Common English pitfalls and how to avoid them