Is your child ready for Primary 1?

Take our Primary One Readiness quiz to better understand your child’s academic comprehension in English and Math. Designed as a short quiz, this fun exercise covers grammar, tenses, number skills, patterns and even logic! This should help give you a good gauge of your child’s academic readiness and an indication of which areas he or she would need to focus on.

Have your child take a short quiz to find out!

king for more guidance?

Does your child need help with motivation? Or would he or she need more practice in oral, literary or numerical skills? Is critical thinking a challenge?

Regardless of whether your child is going to a local MOE school or  an international school, these skills would prove beneficial. Check out what key competencies EtonHouse recommends that would be useful to your child’s transition to Primary school.

With only three months left till the end of the year, how can you make the most of this limited time to prepare your child for the start of his or her formal educational journey? 

At The Eton Academy, we want to help ensure that your child is well prepared for Primary 1. We are committed to working hand in hand with you to provide the best learning experience for your child by allowing them to thoroughly explore their capabilities through self-discovery. It’s never too late to invest in your child’s education, join our Primary 1 preparation classes today!