Stepping into the world of primary school can be jittery experienceboth for the parent and child alike! It’s new world full of unknowns. 

Beyond academic rigour, there are physical, emotional and social changes as well our children have to manage at a young age. As parents, how do you know if your child is coping well in primary school?

Here are 3 tips and tricks to help your children transition smoothly into this new stage of their lives.

Tip 1: Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

This is probably the most ardous task on your child. Gone are the days of sleeping in. Bath, brush, and breakfast, before bussing down to school to make it before the school bell rings!

Ensure your young one sleeps early, preferably by 830pm to ensure good 9 to 10hours rest!

Tip 2: Start Assigning Responsibilities at Home

Upon entering primary school, children are expected to magically transform into miniadults, having to keep to a rigid schedule, manage their lunch money and be independent.

Ease them into this new responsibility slowly. Start a timetable at home, teach them how to order food (and pay!) on the weekends. Let them flex their wings and exercise their autonomy.

Bear in mind these tasks might seem simple to adults, but might be challenging to a child. Offer encouragement and support, and be there for them!

Tip 3: Be a Friend

A new school, a new group of friends! Big changes might seem daunting. Reassure your child, encourage them to make friends and most importantly, teach them to be a friend!

When they see a child sitting alone, don’t be shy, go up and talk to him or her, you’d never know what amazing stories he might share.

A mother waving goodbye to her child who is carrying a school bag

With these 3 points in mind, send your child off to school with a smile! The more calm and assured you are, the more confident your child will be!

As Ken Robinson, New York Times bestselling author said “Education is not a linear process of preparation for the future: it is about cultivating the talents and sensibilities through which we can live our best lives in the present and create the best futures for us all.” ― Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative