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What makes our Chinese Programme unique

The Eton Academy is proud to bring the trusted 中华乐 (Zhong Hua Le) by EtonHouse programme to guarantee your child’s success in Mandarin at MOE schools 

We want to nurture a love for Mandarin while strengthening competency in the language.
Having conducted classes for more than 3000 children in over 25 schools, our teachers provides children with a range of interactive approaches to learning languages 

Channel your child’s inner creativity and charisma as they explore the Chinese language and literature. Your child will gain confidence, expand vocabulary bank and have immense fun as we dive into popular stories and folklore whilst meeting the academic milestones for learning.

Kindergarten 2 
Preparation for Primary 1 Chinese

Our Kindergarten 2 programme is designed to cultivate a solid foundation and a genuine passion for Chinese Language

We prepare your child for the “big” leap and equip him or her with the tools needed to excel and thrive in his or her academic pursuits. Our in-class activities focus on character recognition, word selection, and sentence formation. These activities includes leveraging on literary classics, songs, rhymes, creating engaging lessons that goes beyond academics.

Hanyu Pinyin


Building a strong foundation in Hanyu Pinyin sets the building blocks for excellence in the Chinese language.

Integrative Reading


Using literary classics, songs and alluring visuals in our curated picture journals. Question and answer segments enhance your child’s reading comprehension and conversational skills. 

Writing and Recognising Chinese Characters


Develop your child’s coordination and control in the aspect of handwriting and word formation. Your child will be able to construct sentences and master sentence structure.

Vocabulary, Idiom, Sentence Structures


Discover new vocabulary words and a range of complex sentences. Advancing from simple word recognition to reading in full sentences and stories. Cultivate interest in Chinese writing that encourages continued growth. 

Learning Tools

Craft Activities


Adding an extra layer of fun to the learning experience. Your child will explore different materials, techniques, and themes that complement his or her academic curriculum, reinforcing vocabulary learnt in class. 

Visual Learning and Comprehensive Review


Our mini flashcards and revision exercises offer convenient ways for your child to review classroom lessons and encourage independent learnings. 

Tailored Curriculum


Specially crafted by our curriculum and graphic design team, our in-house worksheet are designed to captivate your child’s attention and make learning enjoyable.

Girl and Teacher Working on Worksheets


Maximum 5 children per class


Saturday 11am-12.45pm

Saturday 3pm – 4.45pm

Fees (*subject to GST)

$80 per lesson


Sengkang Grand Mall

Join our P1 Chinese Readiness Webinar 

Join our P1 Chinese Readiness webinar and hear from our expert educator from 中华乐 (Zhong Hua Le) by EtonHouse as she shares tips on early exposure, effective practice routines, and engaging learning activities. Discover how to create a supportive home environment and foster a positive attitude towards learning Chinese.

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