The school holidays are right around the corner!  If you are thinking of things to do to keep your child entertained whilst doing something educational, fret not, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of five fun activities for you and your child. Read on to find out more, and how to keep your child engaged to make the most out of this school holidays!

The image shows a mother smiling happily with her two daughters with food lay out in front of them.

1. Spend time out in the nature

Nothing beats spending quality time outdoors with your kids –  soaking up the sun and taking in Vitamin D. Grab your picnic mat, sunscreen, home-cooked food and seize this opportunity to have a family picnic in the park.

Parents and child doing a lantern-making activity

2. Complete a DIY craft together

Tap on your child’s creativity and work together to complete a craft project. It can be something as easy as folding origami, or more challenging crafts such as painting on canvas to frame on the wall!

Check out these 10 unique DIY craft activities for kids as seen on Little Steps.

Boy in science class, with goggles, holding a beaker with bright pink content

3. Register your child for holiday camps

At The Eton Academy, we have a specially curated list of school holiday camps (Young Mathematicians, Young Scientists, Young Entrepreneurs, Young Pilots and Young Presenters) for students aged 4 – 8 years old. Educate, excite and engage your child with TEA!

4. Introduce your childhood games to your kid

Riding on the hype of Netflix series – Squid Game, why not take this chance to introduce your childhood games to your child? Take a trip down memory lane with and relive your childhood memories together with your little one. Try out Five Stones, Pick-up sticks, Flag Erasers, Zero Point or Pepsi Cola 123!

Read more on Yahoo for the background and instructions on how to play some of Singapore’s popular childhood games.

Skyline view of Singapore Marina Bay

5. Explore Singapore

Leverage on your Singapore Rediscover Vouchers (SRV) before it expires in December 2021!  Explore what Singapore has to offer and experience a new side of Singapore with your child!

To explore options on how you can get the most out of your SRV, check out Klook.

Here you have it, five fun activities to try out with your kid this school holidays. If you do try out any of the above activity, take a photo, upload it on your social media platforms and tag us @theetonacademy! We would love to see them!