We are about a month away from Christmas and in a blink of an eye, the season of giving will be upon us. Every year, during this festive season, we rack our brains to think about what to gift our loved ones, especially the little ones.

Fret not, we’ve got you covered! We have put together three physical and three experiential gift ideas below. Read on to get inspired on what to get for your child this year!

Grow Buddha 8 herb starter kit
Image credit: Amazon.sg

1. 8 Herb Starter Kit

With more time spent at home especially during the school holidays, you can pique your child’s interest in gardening (whilst imparting Science knowledge!). Get your child the 8 Herb Starter Kit from Amazon and help your child grow his or her first herb. Your child will be able to observe the different growing stages of the plant, and at the same time learn important values such as responsibility and patience.  You can also use the herbs for cooking! It is a great gift that keeps on giving and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Amazing Science S.T.E.A.M hands-on experiment

Image Credit: Amazon.sg

2. Good Housekeeping Amazing Science

Good Housekeeping Amazing Science is a book that contains 83 hands-on experiments based on scenarios occuring in the house. The book provides explanations on the scientific concepts behind the occurance, and is further strengthen with instructions for parents to conduct the experiments with their child. It is a great gift to introduce Science to your child and have a bonding session via a series of fun experiments!

I love llamas craft toy
Image Credit: Papermarket

3. Craft-tastic I Love Llamas Craft Kit

Get your child engaged with a fun crafting activity this Christmas with the Craft-tastic I Love Llamas Craft Kit from Papermarket . This super cute activity kit will fire up those imaginations! There are six different projects to make –  from jewellery to llama stuffies, the kit contains everything you need for each mini project!  It is a great gift to unleash your child’s creativity to create something from scratch.

Student experimenting

4. The Eton Academy Holiday Camps

Check out the various holiday camps that are available at The Eton Academy  this school holidays. The holiday camps consist of Young Mathematicians, Young Scientists, Young Entrepreneurs, Young Pilots and Young Presenters. This is a unique gift for your child as, unlike any physical gift, this is an experiential gift that your child will remember in years to come.

Click here to sign your child up for any holiday camp to gift them an experience they won’t forget!

Dino inflatable park promotion
Image credit: Ultimate Entertainment Singapore

5. Carnival Rides and Inflatable Park

This new pop-up attraction is located at Downtown East and consists of carnival rides, games and a Dino-themed inflatable park.

There is something for everyone to do at the carnival. There are also creative art installations which present great photo opportunities. Aside from all the rides and games, experiential workshops are also available. Let your hair down and have a fun family time with your child at this new pop-up attraction.

Brickosaurs World promotion
Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

6. Brickosaurs World

Discover Asia’s first Brickosaurs World located in Singapore Zoo and River Wonders!

Follow the trail to discover more than 60 prehistoric world Brickosaurs structures built with the use of 1.5million toy bricks. Besides gaining knowledge about the prehistoric world of Brickosaurs, your child can also learn to do his or her part to save our animals from extinction. Whilst you are there, bring your child on an educational tour at the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders to learn more about the wildlife animals.

Here you have it, six amazing gift ideas for you to get for your child this year. We hope you find this helpful. Let us know what you got for your child by taking a photo, uploading it onto your social media platforms and tagging us @theetonacademy on Facebook or Instagram to share with us.